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Glatfelter rewards program scores record engagement

A paper manufacturer increases carbonless sheet sales with a sports-themed customer incentive program. Sales reps rise to the challenge.

The Challenge

Gaining market share with a more user-friendly program

After years of running a moderately successful customer incentive for carbonless sheets, Glatfelter knew it was time for a game changer. They wanted to see more customers and merchants getting involved. And the more we learned about their challenge, the clearer their solution became: Glatfelter needed to create a more user-friendly program with a unifying concept that actually got people excited about the experience.

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The Solution

A hard-hitting concept

We renamed and rebranded the program from the ground up. The former “Knock-Out Points” program now became XL1 Rewards™, a program inspired by athletic achievement and big-game fanfare. For the sales reps’ one-stop program guide, we created a playbook-style document that paid homage to the highly competitive nature of the carbonless sheets business. Through a landing page, sell sheets, e-blasts, postcards, novelty tickets and even custom beer koozies, we helped Glatfelter bring this high-energy concept to life at every customer touchpoint.

The Results

Breaking new user records

The new program brought just the engagement boost Glatfelter was looking for. In the first month after launching the program, Glatfelter had 157 new users sign up. The next month, 521 new users signed up. And, in just the first week of the following month, Glatfelter had an unprecedented 500+ new users join the program. Customers are engaged and excited, and Glatfelter continues to drive the industry conversation.

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1,100 new users

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